Our mission is to ensure increased profitability for our valued customers through quality, sustainable and economic solutions. We also assist in improving the quality of Human resources and assets.



We are committed to provide sustainable solutions to the End-Users through in-house and global Partners.


Amin md Magboob morshed chairman

Amin Md Mahboob Morshed

  • Actively involved in 1400 MW of installations under O&M or Service Agreement
  • Sold 9 contracts for 9 new build
  • Own company since 2018
chowdhury tawsif monir

Chowdhury Tausif Monir
(Managing Director)

  • Knowledge in instrumentation and control system in Power Segment (SCADA Systems, MKVIe, etc).
  • Commissioned 341MW Turbine Power plant in Sylhet.
  • Involved in O&M services for 3+ Years.
sayed abdul Bari director

Sayed Abdul Bari

  • HV-MV Specialist
  • Life cycle services in Power Segment (sourcing).
  • Procurement and documentation of 800 MW in Reciprocating Engine Plants.
  • Involved in Logistics support for 6+ Years.